We strongly believe that a website or web application is best when it has been designed with a single purpose in mind.


Website & Web Graphics Design

It is 2012. What you are waiting for if you still don't have a web presence? It is very clear that if your message isn't clearly availabale at the click of a mouse button, you are missing out. It's got to be welcoming, clear and yet eye catching to your target audience. You know you need it, and We know how to get it to you!

Web Design

We're here to comply with your needs and provide you with a web and graphic design services without draining your budget, so whether your small business or large corporation choose an affordable web design solution that meets with your unique requirements towards your full range success.

We adapt to your web requirements whether it be the standard compact html, or a set of standards-compliant, tables XHTML/CSS layouts.

  • HTML Websites
  • Flash Headers
  • User Interface Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Illustration
  • Print Design
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Photo Editing

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You want your business riding the cutting edge of technology, enjoying the latest and greatest that progress has to offer. From the simple to the complex, Hitcents can offer you exactly what you need to stay on top of everything.

Database Solutions

Expansion assistance, data migration, data backup, and database optimization services are just a few of the resources available to help your business grow. Let us help turn your aging information structure into a data powerhouse!.

Data Solutions

Worry-free, Seamless & Secure. The way all of your data should be handled, transferred, and confirmed. That's how we do it, at least. Your data is the backbone of your company. Any data loss could have substantial consequences. We offer rock-solid off-site backup for all electronic data, with a variety of backup options.

Technology Consulting

Have a technology related issue? Our senior technicians can advise on issues from hardware maintenance to software bugs. Providing hardware replacements, corporate infrastructure, software installations, and fiber connectivity, just to name a few! Whether it involves a tool or a keyword, we can provide premium support.

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You want your business riding the cutting edge of technology, enjoying the latest and greatest that progress has to offer. From the simple to the complex, Hitcents can offer you exactly what you need to stay on top of everything.

Application Development

This is where our incredibly talented programming team hits its stride. Creating custom technology, to fit your specific needs, custom created to fit YOUR company. No more "one-size fits all" solutions for you - You get exactly what you want, to solve the problems that you face on a daily basis.

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By combining cutting edge technology and the power of the internet, Omniprise offers simple solutions with a fully integrated, web-based ERP suite. It's unlike any other enterprise resource planning package on the market today.

Content Management

Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress - sound familar? For day-to-day control of the details of your site, sometimes you just need to jump in yourself, dont you? Adding content management capabilities gives you the freedom to access dynamic parts of your site - adding news, managing inventory, editing employees, and more. It's all right at your fingertips with our custom made CMS options.

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Branding & Corporate Identity

Crafting a great logo is the backbone to great branding for a company. We make achieving a memorable identity easy with our simple logo design process. Your brand and identity resides within the hearts and minds of your customers and clients. A great brand expands past a logo and business name.

Logo Design

Logo / logotype / graphic symbol will guide you through the entire life of your business or project. The aim is to have the logo simple, easy to remember and applicable to all technologies without branding restrictions and limits. We create logos / logotypes based on information from our customers. We evaluate the impact on the target group, product features, to the definition of competition and emotional significance

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Stationary Design

We create graphic design all your stationery as business cards, flyers, styles, catalogs, etc. are either part of a new creative concept or a redesign of existing printed materials.

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Idenity Development

It is an important part of the visual aspects of the company or project. Corporate culture you show your clients your attitudes, values ​​and goals in business. With graphic design, linking these features with printed and online media. Rules can be defined CI design manual. To know how to use the inquiry form to contact us.

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Our Consultants, Developers & Designers are not only aware of the latest technological innovations, they also know how to apply to improve the ROI of your online business. Unlike many other consulting and web design firms.

Project Management

Every good project needs a clear direction, with someone leading the way and keeping the others on track. Every single project at Hitcents is managed and organized in such a way that ensures the details are in order and that progress is made in the most efficient way. Maintaining proper order and direction keeps your project on deadline.

User Interface Design

FrizCon has some really handy tips and tricks that we utilize when developing your website, mobile app, kiosk, design studio, or any other application that requires user interaction. Just adding buttons and movement wherever you want won't work. There is a rhyme & reason to why everything goes where, and we keep the interaction fun and easy for your visitors.

Analytics & Tracking

Once your new project has launched, whether it be website, campaign, social media, etc - you need to know how it's doing. How are you planning on measuring your ROI? Not to worry - we know how to keep tabs on the bottom line. Detailed statistics, analytics, & tracking can keep you on top of your success!

Website Maintenance & Hosting

Be sure to keep it fresh and up-to-date with one of our maintenance packages! Your website isn’t a website until it’s got a home... With our hosting servers llocated in Dallas, USA, you enjoy all latest features, we’ve got all of your hosting needs covered!

First, let's talk about the older concept (hosting in the cloud)

Which is in older concept that due to technology advances is finally starting to work really well.


You really just want to build your service and success to improve your product but instead of success, your customer is getting angry and your successful business is shrinking away.

This is Cloud Hosting

With a cloud hosting you can stop worrying about your hardware. You can work on building your business instead. Using cloud hosting will save you time and money.

And it is available for you to use.. instantly. So, dump those old servers and head to the clouds.

Cloud Hosting